Never buy or consume any turtle products.  Report anyone you see with a turtle.  Call 974 5020 or find a policeman.
Choose a turtle friendly hotel or resort.
Dispose of litter responsibly.  Turtles die from eating plastic and other rubbish.
Only visit turtle nesting beaches at night with a qualified guide.  Only SOS Tartarugas authorised by the government to conduct turtle watching tours on Sal.  It may be dangerous to go to beaches at night with unlicensed ‘guides’.
Do not drive cars or quads on nesting beaches.  Ask for a map showing safe areas.
Make sure there are no lights shining on the beach at night.
Do not visit illegal turtle attractions.
Do not visit bars that are illegally built on nesting beaches
Please make a donation, no matter how small, it will all be spent on turtle protection and conservation.
Buying property here?
Ask your developer if they follow turtle friendly guidelines such as using special lighting and building within government specified limits.
Get involved!
Sign up as a volunteer to patrol beaches, help in the hatchery or clean the beaches.  If you live here you could become a ranger.  For more information email
Report any abuse or captive turtles
Call us on 974 5020