Protection Conservation Ecotourism
Turtle and Beach Protection
Through the creation of government accredited Wildlife Rangers we will be able to help protect turtles that come ashore to nest.  Our Rangers will patrol at night with the support of soldiers as well as during the day in order to prevent the stealing of eggs as well as destruction of nests by vehicles.
Community Projects  & Outreach
Information boards will advise visitors and residents about the Loggerhead’s lifecycle and the importance of protecting them as well as showing which areas are closed to vehicles.
Leaflets, posters and stickers will be distributed and funds will be channelled into community projects, particularly those involving children.
The hatchery created last year and run by volunteers from Scuba Caribe will be enlarged and the volunteers will be joined by full-time staff.  The hatchery achieved an outstanding 93% success rate, saving many turtles that would not have otherwise survived.  Eggs are taken from nests that are at risk from flooding or are too close to quad tracks or even from turtles that have been slaughtered.
Educational Turtle Walks with guides will be available for residents and visitors, thereby not only increasing awareness but providing employment as well.  The hatchery will be open during the day for visitors.
Designated no vehicle areas
The hatchery
The team find a nest
Beach cleaning