Marine turtles are under extreme threat
in Cabo Verde
and although they are a protected species, not enough has been done to protect them when they come ashore to lay their eggs.
The government on Sal leads the way by using soldiers to patrol the beaches but there are never enough funds or people and still many turtles are killed.  Along with WWF they also undertake some tagging, measuring and nest monitoring activities, but a co-ordinated nationwide census and research programme has not so far been possible.
Quads on beaches cause 70% of nests to fail
Nest looting
Turtles kept as pets
Turtles are killed for meat in the most brutal way.  They are flipped, their flippers are removed and they are then dragged up the beach behind the dunes where the meat is removed while they are still alive,  Often the eggs are left scattered.   On some beaches there is 100% mortality.
Light disturbance causes disorientation
Captive turtles in illegal tourist ‘attractions’
Rubbish on beaches
Illegal quarrying for building materials
The biggest threat, however, is massive development to satisfy the demand for tourist resorts and apartments.