When you visit a nesting beach, go with a trained, professional guide who can ensure your safety and the turtle’s.
Nesting turtles are very sensitive to disturbance, which may prevent them from laying their eggs.  Remember that sea turtles are endangered, wild animals; seeing a nesting turtle is rarely guaranteed.
Keep it dark, lights can affect both nesting females and hatchlings.  Never use flash photography.
Always stay with the guide to avoid surprising a turtle.  Walking on moist stand will prevent surprising a nesting turtle or emerging hatchlings.  If you encounter a turtle coming out of the water, stand still and allow her to come out.
Wait for your guide to tell you when you can approach.  Normally this is after she has started laying her eggs.
Always stay behind the turtle, speak softly and move slowly.  Leave plenty of room for her to return to the sea.
Watch out for hatchlings, be careful not to step on them.
Do not touch hatchlings.  You can help them by clearing their path of rubbish and smoothing deep ruts.  If they seem to be going the wrong way call the nearest turtle centre (on Sal 974 5020).
Report any suspicious behaviour.  Call 974 5020 or find a policeman.
Safe Watching Guidelines