In the summer of 2007 two very concerned individuals Juan Blanco  and Jacquie Cozens were both appalled at the brutal and blatant slaughter of turtles every night on beaches all over Sal and each was determined to do something about it.
Jacquie started walking the beaches on the east of the island every morning, counting nests and tracks and picking up rubbish and would visit the beach most nights in an effort to deter would be turtle killers.
Juan, in the meantime, started a hatchery project outside the Scuba Caribe dive centre in an effort to save eggs from ‘at risk’ nests (below the tide mark or from turtles that had been killed).
Following their meeting, the idea for SOS Tartarugas was born and the team was further strengthened by Luciano Teixeira and Euclides Gonçalves.  Since then, the group has grown to include lots more people of many different nationalities and backgrounds, but who all have the same purpose - to save turtles in Cabo Verde.  
The organisation is an NGO, recognised as a partner in turtle conservation by the Cabo Verdian government and works in collaboration with the DGA (Ministry of Environment), the Camara Municipal (Local government), INDP (Fisheries Department), ISECMAR Marine Sciences Institute, Natura 2000 in Boa Vista,  WWF and the law enforcement agencies on Sal.
The issues that threaten the survival of the turtles here are many, but SOS Tartarugas and all of the people in the groups above believe that with cooperation and determination the future of turtles in Cabo Verde can be assured.
SOS Tartarugas